Saturday, 31 July 2010

Chicken and Nutmeg!

Lots of spit offs for Hollywood this morning. Mostly for pregnancy confirmation (with the exception of Hoity Toity and Nancy who were having ovulation spit offs). The poor boy had nine rejections; good news for us, not so much so for him. I heard Paul mutter "hard luck mate" as he led him back to his own paddock. However, Hollywood didn't seem to be overly bothered; I think after trying it on with nine moody females he had had enough!

I forgot to mention that Silverstream Hoity Toity (HT) sat to be mated last weekend. HT is the Czar maiden who lost her pregnancy at 5 months gestation in January. She was due to go back to Anzac Alpacas to be mated with Shalimar, but we decided to put the mating on hold and review things next year. One of the reasons for the decision was that we felt that a 9.5 hour round trip for a drive-by mating with a rather high maintenance girl, would not have given us the best chance of a successful pregnancy. It looks like we probably made the right decision, as she is obviously not going to be the easiest to keep pregnant. She has now been mated with Hollywood. I don't know if anyone has had much experience of drive-by matings involving this kind of distance?

Nutmeg weighed in at 8.5kgs this morning. That is a 1.8kg gain in 8 days. She is such a poppet and very confident. She seemed to like my chicken impersonation anyway:

About to lay an egg?

Nutmeg...not a very tasty looking piece of grass!

Parisien and Finnian have become new best friends. From the photo it is hard to tell, but Parisien usually holds her own very well during the play fights.

It does seem that Finnian's confidence is rubbing off on Parisien, as she is now getting braver and is venturing well away from Katkin. Finnian brought her over to check out my latest pair of new boots this morning:

"A bargain Fin...I got them in the half price sale!"

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  1. A Hollywood - Hoity Toity mating sounds fabulous. Exciting times ahead.