Friday, 2 July 2010

Just good news...

Many thanks for all your comments on my previous blog, regarding the ups and downs of caring for animals. I am pleased to report that things have since continued to be on the up.

Yesterday morning Nancy presented us with a lovely Top Account of Fowberry solid white daughter. She really is gorgeous and Nancy is so proud of her. Poor Nancy was in shock after she was born and wasn't quite sure how to go about the feeding part. We did give Lucie a couple of bottle feeds of cows colostrum to give Nancy time to recover. Mum then soon got the hand of things after a rest.

I have decided that the best way to bring on labour is to organise for Paul to be away on drive by  mating duties. We had organised a date for Honaria with Ambersun Baltimore (a Warrior boy) at Townend Alpacas. We were just ready for loading when Nancy decided to birth. Fortunately we were able to delay things until the afternoon so that Paul got to witness Lucie's arrival.

We bred Nancy early (13 months of age) because we felt that she was well grown, very mature for her age, and she was desperate to be mated. Last year we also bred three other girls between 13-16 months of age. On reflection this is not something that we will probably do again. Partly, because Nancy was the only girl who carried her pregnancy; but also I did feel that Nancy seemed rather overwhelmed by the birthing process, and was obviously asking us for guidance.

The problem is that to avoid winter births it does mean that most of our maidens will be nearer two years of age if we leave them, and keeping them from getting a bit porky can be a problem. We have decided that we will separate our girls this winter to allow for more specific feeding.

We have named Phoebe's daughter Tabitha. Phoebe continues to put her tea first and rushes in without her. Fortunately Tabitha has now realised that she just has to run at top speed whenever I shout "come on".

Tabitha...learning the importance of keeping up with mum.

It is the open garden weekend this Saturday and Sunday. We are just about sorted I just hope that nobody asks any horticultural questions. I have got Mum and Dad recruited to help out. Robyn came round this afternoon to see if we needed any help, but just spent the time in the cria paddock. They are all getting a bit braver now and approach in a little gang. It is lovely to watch the dynamics evolving. I have a feeling that Noah, Jenson's brother is going to be another little cuddles.

Robyn getting checked out!

No more births due now until the end of August. Time to relax and enjoy our team of eight so far (four boys and four girls).


  1. They all look gorgeous! Tabitha looks particularly sweet in the photo!

  2. Congratulations..on your lovely new arrival....Tabitha is a beauty !!..I decided not to breed my younger girls..last year..and what a massive difference..between them last means that they will be nearly three...when they have their first cria. However..I can see the difference that extra year makes...much more mature to be a first time mother !...mind you, Tremona was desperately flirting with the boys...!!!! But it just depends on the animal and how mature they are.....I was happy with my decision...and we are hoping to re-set the birthing clock to spring !! year .....hopefully.......Jayne

  3. Wow! Tabitha looks gorgeous. She is so dazzlingly bright white! Are you sure you didn't bung her in the washing machine before this picture was taken?

  4. Mark...a white alpaca that you think is gorgeous...I am mighty honoured!!

  5. Just beautiful Barbara, congrats on the arrival of lovely cria. Shirley & Robbie