Tuesday 27 July 2010

Beauty and the Beast!

Having just popped out for a cria fix before I head off for a night shift (yes, still covering for sickness); I thought that I would share a photo of Nutmeg with Explorer. She has just started to get adventurous and is going for it big style; although she probably doesn't realise the dangers of going too close to Explorer uninvited. He has been spitting at all the other cria this evening but did decide to give Nutmeg a break!

Still no haymaking here it has been drizzling on and off all day. By the weather forecast it is looking more likely to be next week now before we start. The photo of Tabitha (who loves the camera) shows the very moody sky behind...bit like the very moody Explorer behind Nutmeg I think!



  1. I am loving that little Explorer fellow more and more every day!

  2. Like every good fairy tale they will all live happily ever after...thats you too Explorer! He's just practicing his mean 'n moody look for the girls.

  3. You know what happened to that ugly duckling !!...Nutmeg...is a real beauty !....! Explorer..Im sure will grow..into his looks !!...and be a very handsome...Macho !!...Jayne