Thursday 22 July 2010

Seduction techniques?

Well, I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who thinks that a second-hand tractor is more exciting than a holiday in the Maldives. Unfortunately I think that I might be in for a long wait on the Massey Ferguson front; Last night I heard Paul booking us in with a local farmer for some more grass topping (this was one of my main persuading points...independence of topping!). My challenge now is to have a tractor by next spring (I have a plan!).

I know that you really shouldn't listen in on the telephone conversations of others, but as Paul started to talk alpaca with the 'topping farmer' I couldn't help it. They were obviously talking about Camilla as the conversation at Paul's end went something like this:

 "Yes, she went 385 days in the end"..."no I don't think that you can seduce them...did you mean induce?"...much laughter from both ends of the line!

The mind boggles. Hopefully the thought of being seduced might make Camilla birth on time next year. Maybe a hot curry could be a first option?

I have removed Noah's truss today. I will keep an eye on things but everything looks fine. His umbilical cord has taken ages to drop off but it is just about off now. His regained freedom had him in fighting form this afternoon:

Finnian getting the first move in

Noah gaining ground

Only you really!

The Beck Brow 2010 gang so far...


  1. That's a stunning little gang!

    Noah's little truss lines look like Barry's but I'm afraid Barry needs a bit longer wrapped up!

  2. Nice picture Barbara! How many more to come?

  3. Just 2 more Mark. Hopefully a brown from one of those...but hey white is okay!!

  4. Well done for getting all those in one shot, they look a nice bunch - I've still not managed to get all 11 of ours in one shot. It's a great excuse to spend time watching them though!

  5. Nice selection of babies.....Im jealous in a nice sort of way...I want to fast forward to June next year..!!..already !!......and I haven't even got the hay done yet !!.....Jayne