Thursday, 29 July 2010

When the days and the nights blur into one...

Not having worked night shifts for a few years until very recently, I had forgotten about that euphoric feeling that you get when you have managed to survive 2 or 3 in a row; the excitement aided by sleep deprivation makes you forget that you actually agreed to put yourself through the torture in the first place!

Anyway the reason I mention it is; imagine that feeling and then coming home to be greeted by a cuddle of lovely cria....magic! Guaranteed to always give a warm reception are: Finnian, Noah and Roma (pictured) and Tabitha. Least likely to greet you: Lucie. Never going to greet you: Explorer! Thanks to Blanche's early delivery, we don't have any more cria due for some time now, so I have been able to catch some sleep today.

I have also been catching up on some paperwork this afternoon; completing the BAS movement book (births), filing registration papers (I have been very good this year and registered the cria straight away as requested by BAS) and updating the photo gallery on the website. There are still plenty of inside jobs to do but the weather is far too nice. So it was back to the paddock:

Finnian & out Fin!

Nutmeg ...I'm the leader of the gang I am!

The other good thing about finishing nights is that I can enjoy a glass of wine tonight and know that I deserve it...back to poo picking, injections and toe nail trimming tomorrow...sometimes the nights and the days blur into one!


  1. Looking good Barbara and what a fabulous life you lead!! Explorer has such a great face, he looks permanently grumpy! I love him!

    What am I saying?!?

  2. Poor you, lavishing such attention on that boy Explorer and he just grumbles and frowns and turns his back. One day he'll show his appreciation and rescue you from some marauding cows, or from a tumble in the beck, and grudgingly accept a hug then stroll away.. not sure where I'm going with this.. it's not delirium brought on by lack of sleep, just plain old Friday afternoon delirium.

  3. Loving the story Bev... there are all sorts of adventures our hero Explorer could have... Explorer goes snowboarding?