Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A new pair of designer Hunters....

Poo picking done; water troughs cleaned; quick blog; then off to bed. Off to bed in the afternoon? Yes; and well deserved too. I have been working a number of night shifts on the Coronary Care Unit lately to help cover sickness and staff shortages, so some zzzzz catch up is well due.

Most nurses do bank work in order to pay for luxury holidays etc, but I do it because it keeps my nursing skills up to date (often useful in alpaca health situations) and I have to say that I also really enjoy the work. However, I did comment as I finished my last shift: "well that's my new cattle trailer paid for!" They obviously all thought that I was joking as someone quipped "she'll be saving up for a tractor next!". I laughed along; but I'm thinking Massey Ferguson or John Deere, what do you think?

It's a bit of a photo blog today as everyone appears to be well and content. Noah is wearing his new truss (keeping the tennis ball in position was not so easy!) Lots of cria playing this morning but all photos were a bit blurred (bit like me today). I decided that a sit down was required and to let them come to me. Great interest was shown in my new designer Hunters as you can see:

Explorer...not sure about the red soles!

Finian thinks that they smell better than the old pair!

Roma...liking the girly wellies

I realised that Lucie has never had her photo on the blog since the day that she was born. She really does not like the camera but apart from that she seems to be either at full speed or sitting down. I did manage to capture her today; not the best photo but at least she is in it:

Lucie with Parisien.

Noah in his new truss.


  1. Great photos Barbara, you can see each little character coming out. Poor Noah doesn't look too bothered about his truss, is he? how long does he need to wear it? Nice wellies by the way.

  2. Hi Bev,

    I am hoping little Noah will only need it for a couple of weeks, it is a tiny hernia. He isn't at all bothered...if fact he is probably enjoying the attention!


  3. Hunter gathering cria! Wellies a jolly good fellow! Good boy Noah.

  4. Wellie good photos Barbara!

  5. Hope you had a good sleep. Love the photos. I was working too last night - very quiet , but the car happened to do a divert at 6 am to check my girl (was worried because of the rain!) .

  6. Liking the new angle of photography Barbara - when Noah has his truss removed, he'll be so used to it, he'll think somethings gone missing!

  7. Hi, just spent a sweaty couple of hours crossing london , you blog cheered me up and reminded me why I do it. New wellies for me , I dont want the boys to think we are letting the side down. - Andy

  8. Lovely photos...and wellies !! can't beat a bit of...alpaca time !!......Jayne