Sunday, 1 August 2010

The St Leger....

Apologies for over doing the cria blogging; I couldn't resist sharing this afternoon's entertainment:

On your marks: From the right Lucie, Tabitha & Kenzie.

and it's Tabitha who takes an early lead...

he's on long odds but Finnian appears from nowhere to go out front...

but is  Finnian too busy posing as they close in from behind? ...

...a  photo finish but Kenzie takes it by an ear!

Whilst lazing about in the paddock I even managed to get a photo of myself being stood upon...cheers Parisien:


  1. Great pictures! I especially love the one where a bunch of them run towards the camera in a line. One can never get enough cria pictures :-)

  2. Lovely pictures, as usual!
    It's wonderful to see them all charging around together!

  3. Well done Barbara - definetly a 'magic moment'. I like photo number 4 the best - they look as thought they are breaking into a gallop.

  4. With photo's like those Barbara, you are excused for 'over-blogging'!

  5. lovely to share in the high spirits..of the babies !!...Mind definitely stops the work !!....Jayne

  6. It's a funny thing, some of the cria really do seem to pose for the camera, especially Finnian, but they can't know what the camera is, or does. Maybe it's just a curious thing that Barbara brings to click for them..

  7. Wow, they are really white. Nice pictures. saw you on facebook as well.
    see you, Leo