Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The latest additions...

After my last blog, I was hoping that I would have news of a much happier sort...but our last two dams to birth are hanging on; Silverstream Hoity Toity (a Silverstream Czar daughter) and Beck Brow Fine Romance (A Czar grand daughter. Dam; Silverstream Galaxy ET) are both due to have Waradene St Patrick cria any day. However, maybe waiting a little while has been kinder on Lucie, and we did get to see a lovely St Patrick daughter who was born at High Winder Alpacas on Saturday.

We have been having a relaxing time over the past few days, with family visitors, and a visit from a family looking to start breeding alpacas. I also managed to fit in a night shift (and some sleep the next day which makes a change).

Today seems to have been taken up with admin but I did get out to take some photos. Firstly I decided to get some macho looking photos of Beck Brow Explorer, who is looking great now that he is a working male...unfortunately he was feeling especially friendly...and sweet...not the most macho photo then!

Beck Brow Explorer (sire; Cambridge Navigator of ACC)

Beck Brow Synergy (sire; EPC Top Account of Fowberry)

Getting a photo of Beck Brow Paulo without Renatta is difficult. She is very protective, but he is getting increasingly defiant, I don't think that she will keep him under her wings for much longer. Early days, but he has a lovely little beige fleece and great conformation.

Beck Brow Paulo (sire; Waradene St Patrick of EPC)

Beck Brow Lexus (sire: St Patrick)

Lexus's dam; Morden Hall Honaria is pregnant to Beck Brow Explorer. This will be Explorer's first cria born, and is due late May/ early June...both Explorer and Honaria grow exceptionally long fleeces and have been assessed to have a low primary/secondary MFD ratio...how excited are we going to be next year!

Beck Brow Shackleton (Dam; Inca Van Dieman Chaska. Sire: Waradene St Patrick of EPC) is an early favourite for our show team next year. Here he is pictured with Beck Brow Kitten (Sire; St Patrick). How dinky is she?

Beck Brow Shackleton and Beck Brow Kitten (black)

Despite a gloomy forecast the weather has been fine today, causing a queue for the sand pit at the cria creche...

Now, I normally like things to be smart...to look like they have designed by an engineer...after all what's the point of being married to one otherwise. Well, as you will see from the photo below the latest project is looking far from professional. It is clobbered together from an old hen hutch and some wire frames off the strawberries. It is however a temporary structure...ready for our latest acquisitions...somethings that I have wanted for some time...I am getting 10 of them. Not as exotic as Tut (Judi's peacock) nor as cute as Debbie's ducks, but I don't think any other alpaca bloggers I know have any? They will be getting a much smarter abode once trained not to fly away...and we train Velvet not to catch them!

A temporary home.


  1. Guinea Fowl?? If so did they come with ear plugs? Shackleton would be top of my list too - I love his fleece coverage from his face to his toes. All gorgeous though.

  2. Turkeys?!
    Paulo is looking particularly gorgeous.

  3. I have a hankering after Guinea Foul, but didn't know they were loud. Given your record for mini things, perhaps bantems ?

  4. Paulo looks a sweetie and doesn't look like he would do defiant!

    I'm looking forward to photo's of the latest additionsm and as for the ducks they might be cute but they are a pain to get to bed at night; and on that note I'd better get going......

  5. Barbara, they appear to have escaped...I'm with Jenny on the ear plugs if her guess is correct.

  6. Guine Fowl ..... are loud !! I know of someone who had some ! Until they decided to take up residence in the tree...and refused to come in for bed.....they used to keep them up all night ! Looking forward to seeing what the new additions are ! Those babies are lovely .....Jayne

  7. Is it Owls? Or Flying squirrels? Is it tiny Frenchmen in microlights?
    It is isn't it, it's little French people?

  8. Is it quail...don't think they're as noisy as guinea fowl....or maybe it's for Velvet when she is naughty?!

  9. If it's Quail, they are so cute and are only loud during the day when they call to each other (the chicks are as big as your thumb and can get out of chicken wire fencing!). LOL, little French people!!

  10. Parakeets for sure! Love the photo of the cria at the sand pit. Shirley & Robbie