Sunday, 5 August 2012

Births and Fireworks!

Lucie is still tolerating being trussed up like a Christmas turkey... bless her. I should have said yesterday that she had anti inflammatory injection, and also again this morning. She is also on a course of antibiotics. The plan is to keep the device in place until we see that she is very near birthing, then remove it. This way she is less likely to prolapse during the birth. I am told that it is likely that an infection (that causes inflammation) is the reason that this has happened.

Robyn is on farm watch tomorrow, so I was hoping that Lucie would birth today, however with a thunder storm going at the moment, maybe not! Tomorrow is a big day for Beck Brow Snooty Boots ( sire: Waradene St Patrick of EPC). She will be going to Yorkshire to visit the multiple fawn championship winning male; Fowberry Nobility.

We did have a birth yesterday. Blueberry Renatta (Best of British Champion at Nothumberland Show 2011) had a trouble free birth. Although mated to St Patrick, I was anticipating a white from Renatta, due to her pedigree. However, St Pat has done it again and we have a lovely light fawn (possibly beige) male.

Renatta and son (something ending in o!)

The old muscles are aching a bit today...a bit too much dancing and a late night are to blame. When you live in the middle of nowhere, as we's a bit of a treat to be invited to a big bash in the field next door. The marquees (yes plural) have been going up all week, the dance floor was laid, the bar installed and the band warmed up. And what a do it was...great fun. There was even a photographer from Cumbria Life taking photos!

If you imagine that we are in the heart of farming country in Cumbria, and our neighbours organise shooting parties, then you will guess that they were not many vegetarians present. In fact the set menu was sirloin steak. Therefore, I did have to smile when it was announced over the mic "would the person who ordered salmon please make themselves known" how to feel like a  leper!

We (myself, Paul, Robyn and Craig) popped home to feed Lullaby at 10.30 pm to see the funniest thing...10 cria pronking around the paddock to Lady Gaga's Fine Romance!! With a massive firework display at midnigh, I am sure the alpacas had a fab party too (they just stand watching the's amazing how somethings don't faze them at all, and a stray cat has them having a dizzy fit )


  1. Sounds like a wonderful party!

    Only just managed to read your last post (you can never have too much bailer twine!) Hopefully, we will not have any prolapsing here, but, if we do, I will now know where to tie it up!! Thank you!

  2. How about 'Paulo' as a name for Renatta's wee fella? Agree about the fireworks creating an interest for them - I think as long as they can see what's making noise, they are quite happy. We remember a friend's alpacas at a show standing watching as a pipe band marched past within feet of them whilst all the other animals were going ballistic! Shirley & Robbie

  3. Congratulations on the new arrival.... What do you mean the Salmon was lovely !.....nothing wrong with being different...! Just hoping that the menu and the majority never get a taste for Alpaca ! Is Snooty Boots old enough for a romantic date doesn't seem that long ago, funnily enough that she was a lovely little girl on your time flies ! ..........Jayne

  4. You may find this useful.. a few ending with 'o'.