Friday, 24 August 2012

No, you can't eat them!

Some great guesses as to what we (that is really I) might be acquiring to put into the cage. As I kept telling Paul about your suggestions...he seemed to like them much better than the reality;

Guinea Fowl? ... Yes, well that would be sensible you can eat them

Quail? ... Yes, well that would be sensible you can eat them

Turkey? ... Yes, ditto

A naughty cage for Velvet? ... best idea of all!!

Little French people on microlights? ... At least that would be amusing!

So sorry if the reality is a bit of an anticlimax (although nothing can be as bad as shelving...Paul (Barnacre)!!!)....Shirley was the closest with Parakeets...although not quite as exotic...we have little white Doves (should have been 12 but they proved to be difficult to catch!). They will be kept caged for six weeks until they have developed their homing instinct, then they will be let out to fly freely...and hopefully return to their dovecote (adapted hen hutch)

Newly arrived...the one trying to roost in the Bracken has figured it out now!

Black Sabbath has had a busy week, with a visit from the Barnacre girls on Wednesday...whom Black Sabbath greeted enthusiastically. On Thursday he had a date planned with a lovely maiden from Nero Black Alpacas, however, Black Sabbath had other ideas and had his eye on her travelling companion...we did eventually get him interested when favoured female was removed from about making a girl feel good!!!

I am hoping we might be in for a birth today; Roma (Fine Romance) is getting fidgity and has been talking away to her unborn for a couple of days now. Roma is white from a fawn dam and was mated with St Patrick...fingers crossed for a fawn...and doubly crossed for a female...we are top heavy with males this year!

I have a veterinary student coming for a week's experience on Monday. I have a list of competencies that are to be met, so I have been trying to get a plan together for the week...Tuesday I have organised for our vet to come out to do some rectal scanning and to examine Bahati who isn't ovulating despite being given Receptal...I wonder what day he fancies having lunch with the girls?...Paul says top of the list is to find out if he prefers watching 'Homes under the Hammer' or 'Bargain Hunt'...cheeky boy!...a girl has to have a lunch break!


  1. Very nice - and what a relief...the others would be a very noisy way to get a meal!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes Mark, exactly what Velvet is thinking...although she hasn't put in a request for a pastry crust...just as they come!

  3. Just watch the doves don't start mating with pigeons! You end up with more pigeon than dove!

  4. We have LOTS of doves and have learned that if you want to keep the numbers down you must remove the eggs every 10 days or so and replace them with plastic ones so that they don't just lay more! We found that we needed to have a good sized flock, of around 20 or so, as more pairs of eyes protect them from the horrible sparrowhawk who thinks dovecotes are his McDonalds! (Sorry if you love sparrowhawks ...we don't any more, as they have taken too many of our doves and left several horribly injured) We also have a few female pigeons that the boys brought back after a day in the village!! (Boys eh?!) It's lovely to see them flying and they do become quite tame.

  5. Ah, 'Doos' - very nice, and a lovely 'Doocot' for them to live in! Our neighbour had 6 white ones like yours for ages and they were lovely, flying about, then one day there were 12. He discovered that his Doos had flown down to the village, found half a dozen owned by a man down there and invited them back here! Neighbour had 12 for ages, man from the village most upset - now neighbour has none! Touche! You'd better have plenty of feed in just in case of Doo visitors! Shirley & Robbie

  6. Much better than shelving Barbara! Hope you got your baby; maybe they are waiting for the vet student - not sure what Kealani is waiting for here.

  7. I have had the same experiance as Rosemary. After a while the flock became rather pigeon like. I am sure with your experiance you will keep your blood-lines pure and your flock all solid white.

  8. Oh, and if your vet student wants to come and observe a small , all boy heard and learn how to poo pick effectivly, bring him on down ! Bucket is waiting. Alas nothing more medical than that on the cards until the big chop in Sept.