Sunday, 12 June 2011

Another addition...

Magellan is keeping us on our toes. A little weight loss this morning meant that we were back to supplementing Chaska's milk with some goats milk. It is the balancing act of not bottle feeding so much that he is too full, and then doesn't drink from mum, but ensuring that he gets enough. Chaska has milk and he is definitely suckling, but he is obviously a little hungry judging by the amount of times he goes to suckle, if not topped up. We are happy that he received adequate colostrum as we topped him up during the first 24 hours with cows colostrum, as we suspected that the milk supply was not abundant. Another 150 ml top up at 21.00 hrs and we will leave him overnight. No weight loss this evening so hopefully things are improving in the milk department.

Beck Brow Magellan obviously suckling

 Magellan looking perky enough.

We had another birth yesterday. Katkin is an old pro and had a trouble free birth. Umbilical cord spray with Betadine, unplug the teats, and they were away. A fawn female weighing in at 9.6 kgs, we have named her Katie. It has been very sweet to watch how Parisien, Katkin's daughter from last year, has taken to her little sister. She won't let her out of her sight.

Beck Brow Katie

 The little gang; Fendi, Annabelle, and Satchmo are all very chilled. I caught them all dozing off by the paddock bench this morning. Amanda's flask from the previous day still parked there.

And finally; a little tip. Blogs are about sharing so I will share this one; DO NOT WARM YOUR CRIA COAT IN THE MICROWAVE...20 seconds too long...and you have no cria coat and a very messy microwave to clean. Yes...stick to the tumble drier! I have to say that it did work well the first time (with Paul in charge)...I pressed the start button and forget to check...oops.

It's's cold and it's raining...37 alpacas and not one to be seen in the paddock this evening...all tucked up in various shelters and barns...come on summer...and come on Minnie (362-days today).


  1. Hi Barbara, Great photos of the wee ones. That Katie's a cracker! Shirley & Robbie

  2. Lovely photo of them all by the bench!

  3. To share another top tip. Put your crocs in the warming oven of the aga. They are all lovley and warm and squashy when you get in. Cold and damp here too. The boys have taken themselfs indoors today. Think the wind-chill is a lot worse post shearing.

  4. Great photos as usual Barbara!

  5. Lovely, isn't it nice having a variety of cria colour like that. They look beautiful.