Friday, 24 June 2011

Love, Love Me Do...

Whilst taking the cria photos yesterday, I also took a few head shots of some of the adults. It wasn't until I downloaded some of them, that I began to suspect that Ben, our shearer, must have been having a bit of a laugh!

EP Cambridge Lady Gaga...okay so she thinks she is that any reason to leave her with only one set of eyelashes!

And again...Chaska isn't quite as vain as Lady G...but she is also minus her left eyelashes...not sure what's going on with the ear decoration!

 Last but not least...what's going on with Nimrod?...he looks like he is auditioning for a Beatles tribute band...but is it for the part of George Harrison or Paul McCartney?

I'm thinking George Harrison myself!

Talking about hair do's...I've had to make an emergency appointment for myself. I received a phone call yesterday from our local paper...could they do a feature about Beck Brow Alpacas? problem....could they also bring out a photographer...oops problem; grey roots. Now, hopefully I will be able to avoid the camera, and as Paul noted, if it is in black and white it will be money wasted...anyhow, hair appointment tomorrow...what's the bets everyone decides to give birth whilst I'm away!


  1. Nimrod really made me smile - he looks gorgeous!
    Maybe there will be a birth during the photographers visit?!

  2. Nimrod definately gets my vote too! This should be one of those photos you produce when he brings his girlfriends home!!

  3. Surely it's a wig that Nimrod is wearing Barbara!!

  4. I hope you don't have the same problem with your hairdresser tomorrow...Barbara !....I have some strange.....going's on...with the new hairdo's also !......Jayne

  5. Lots of bad hair days in Cumbria - must be all the rain you've had. Love that Nimrod, must have had a blow dry in a howling gale! Take care. Shirley & Robbie

    PS: Still having to 'choose a profile' when replying to your blog Barbara, but replies to other blogs seem to have returned to normal.