Monday, 20 June 2011

Cria racing with hurdles!

He's cracked it...Minnie's cria was caught nursing at 21.00 hrs on Sunday night...he's a bit slow finding the teat, but he gets there in the end. He had lost a little bit of weight this morning, which was to be expected as he was refusing all our feeding efforts on Sunday. We have decided to rename him Max...Minnie and Max sounds rather cute...and nobody actually called him Zachery for fear of getting too attached too early.

Max looking a little fancy!

Team training has started early this year. Magellan and Crystal are looking very competitive. Normally training on the flat; the team have introduced some hurdle training this year:

Crystal takes an early lead...

Magellan coming up on the inside...

and it's Magellan who takes the first hurdle closely followed by Crystal

I kid you not...that is Pebbles fast asleep in the sunshine...with the cria jumping over her on a circular must be one of the funniest cria antics that I have ever witnessed...Magellan is certainly a character, and Pebbles a sound sleeper! I wish that I had taken more shots but I was having far too much fun watching!


  1. So glad that Minnies little one has started feeding, what a relief for you, its such a worry when they wont or cant get under and feed properly. But he looks like he's going to be a super boy.

    I love to watch the cria racing around, weve got one boy from last year that learnt how to jump the electric fencing which keeps the horses restricted, couldnt understand how he kept getting into there, until I caught him in the act!! He make a good little show jumping (perhaps thats the next in thing show jumping alpacas lol) ....... Ginnie

  2. It is such a relief when a cria starts to feed un-aided isn't it .We are still keeping a close watch on our aided cria, althou he is feeding by himself he still takes the odd bottle every now and then . Well done you .

  3. Looks like the babies are in high spirits.....its great to see them getting to grips with those legs and all that speed !!......Jayne

  4. These are the days that put the difficult days in the shade, and remind you that it is worth it.