Thursday, 23 June 2011

Photos...our 2011 cria so far!

No more births today, despite a few hours of rain free weather. However, it is torrential again now, so I expect that they knew what was coming. I keep telling them that we have cria coats and a nursery bay in the barn; but no go!

So some photos of our cria so far:

Crystal maze...very obviously light fawn (or is that now beige!) of the pops so far this year!

Katie...we all love the ginger eyebrows!

Finesse...aptly named

And with Mum; Holly.

Last but not least; Max...looking rather sturdy, no wonder he took some getting out! (I've just realised that he looks like Mad Max...they are alive behind him...honest!)

My friend Claire came to visit today. Not only did she bring lunch, as I hadn't been shopping, but she helped with some spit off's too. She did find it all rather amusing; "you do know that normal people have coffee after lunch" she mused! Willow, a maiden, has been particularly difficult to read, especially as she originally spat off before she had ever been mated, but she did seem pretty convincing today when St. Patrick tried on the thank you siree. So we finished off our strawberries and cream!

We have heard that our black male that we share, Black Sabbath, hasn't quite got the hang of things yet. Although we could wait until later in the year, we have decided to leave it until next year. After all this gives us more females for Waradene St. Patrick. It will be good to put him over some browns as well as fawns and whites. Blacks will have to wait. We are hopeful of Explorer working later next year...but that maybe wishful thinking...if so St. Patrick might have to give up some white girls then!


  1. Oh Barbara, they look gorgeous...can't wait for ours to arrive!

  2. A lovely set of photos! Really like the colour of Finesse.
    Just makes me even more excited about getting our first cria of the year!

  3. A lovely bunch of cria. Congratulations.

  4. What a lovely line up....Max is very handsome...mind you I would say that....!! wouldn't its not just Zanzibah...that has a fine and fancy future !! ;0) hehe ....Jayne

  5. You certainly do have some lovely looking cria there, well done :) ...... Ginnie

  6. Very nice Barbara, looking good!