Sunday, 26 June 2011

Rumour Has It...It was a Top Weekend!

Not only did I not get to the hairdressers on Saturday to cover up the grey...but I added a few grey hairs instead. Yes, of all days, Cambridge Camilla (dam of Beck Brow Explorer) decided to go into labour, just as I was leaving. I know we shouldn't have favourites...but the hair appointment was postponed... Just as well as we had a leg back...nothing too difficult to deal with...but not what Paul would have wanted to be left with.

Camilla delivered a beautifully bright white daughter, weighing in at 8 kgs at 15.30 hrs. The cria had an obvious stiff neck, which was making feeding very difficult...hence the grey hairs...but with a little help and plenty of physio, we are getting there. We have decided to name her; Rumour Has It (Rumour for short). We are not completely going solo just yet, so fingers crossed...but Magellan watch that top spot!

Camilla and Rumour

Beck Brow Rumour Has It!...with milky chops

Rumour's sire is EPC Top Account of Fowberry....hence the title. Camilla and Silverstream Galaxy were mated to Top account on the same day last year (I won't go into to the combination of genetics of these two pairings, except to say that they are pretty impressive). Galaxy delivered a handsome male cria, weighing in at 8.5 kgs at 09.30 am today. Not bad, less than 24 hours apart. A proper top weekend!

We have decided to name him Synergy (nothing to do with The Apprentice...probably a lot to do with too many dissertations in a previous life...marks for synergy!)

Beck Brow Synergy at three hours old!

I thought that I would add a photo of Max...we love Max...he has turned out to be a little star...I would like to say no flies on him...but he does seem to have a couple in the photo!

Beck Brow Max

And Finally Bonita...surely tomorrow...

Bozedown Bonita...wide load!


  1. Who cares about grey hairs when you have that result!! Well done to the Beckbrow team and lovely photos. Rumour looks such a darling!

  2. Your cria are looking fantastic - lovely looking head on Rumour!

  3. Congratulations......worth the missed hair appointment I bet!!

  4. A top weekend indeed.....that hairdresser will wait...get that alpaca hat on !....and enjoy those beautiful babies.....Jayne

  5. Lovely photos as always Barbara. Hope this comment isn't 'anonymous' as we've tried un-ticking the 'keep me signed in box'. Here goes........Shirley & Robbie