Saturday, 27 November 2010

Snow Cute!

A little later than for many others around the country; proper snow fell here overnight. It looks beautiful: Crisp, dry snow and bright really is a winter wonderland...we just need Santa now!

I excitedly went out with camera, but bright white snow and bright white fleeces are not ideal subjects together. So some photos of some of the coloureds within the herd!

Frosted gem....Nutmeg with a frosty little nose

Poppet...with Kenzie ducking in for a drink behind.

Nina in the foreground...the others admiring the view!

Pantomime time...It's behind you Lady Gaga!

Ice cool Velvet..."I am simply going to ignore the fact that someone is sniffing my butt!"


  1. It looks lovely!
    And Velvet is incredibly sweet!

  2. Wow, that's proper snow! Our little sprinkling has all gone for now...mind you the alpacas are pleased to see the grass again and I'm pleased to see where the poo is!! Like gorgeous Velvet, Karma and Tenzing, our cats, prefer the water in the alpaca buckets to their own, especially when there's ice to play with!

  3. Snow dusted alpacas look...cute !...mine are well and truly dusted....infact if I didn't know different...I'd swear...they were turning white !!.......Velvet is a real character.....Jayne

  4. Some great pics