Thursday 25 November 2010

Photos...St. Patrick and Lady G

I have been out with the camera today in between the snow showers and have managed to get a few shots of the new alpacas in town. I wonder if they train them to pose at EPC... either that or they rather like themselves. I had so many decent pics of St. Pat that it was difficult to choose just you get three!

Waradene St. Patrick of EPC posing for camera

...and again different angle!

Not sure the shearer has been checking side to side for evenness of length...don't tell St. Pat thou, he thinks that he is gorgeous

EP Cambridge Lady Gaga wondering what a Jocker is....Velvet out of shot!

Such a pretty face...competition for Cambridge Camilla?

All three girls with the snow beginning to fall (Amanda's two girls behind...alpaca x and alpaca y...haven't asked permission to name them!)

Both St.Pat and the girls appear to be in beautiful condition and are settling in well. All of them are very calm and easy to handle. We have pretty much left the girls alone. They are to be quarrantined together for six months, as is good practice. I have taken a poo sample to the VLA (15 minutes up the road) from the girls just as a precaution, and we will give them Cydectin shortly.

St. Pat had his Cydectin this morning. As he has been quarrantined prior to entering the UK, and has only ever shared a paddock with his imported chums, he will go in with some of our boys in the next couple of days or so. He has also had Frontline treatment as is our policy now.


  1. Ha, you dragged yourself in at last! What fun, getting to know the characteristics and little foibles of new arrivals (even if you do get frozen standing around). Dave.

  2. Hi Barbara, A couple of lovely animals for sure. Will St P get called 'Paddy' then? Hope they like the snow! Stay warm. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  3. Lovely photos!
    All looking fabulous!

  4. Super alpacas Barbara, great genetics.

    Rob n Les

  5. Congratulations.....what a fantastic photo shoot...... top class.... I bet you had to drag yourself inside......out of the snow and all that beauty !!.........Great to see them with you safe n sound !!........Jayne

  6. They look great, lucky you haven't had our weather today or St Pat would be very cold.

    It is funny how some of them love to pose isn't it, Golden Guinea is the same.

  7. Lovely looking animals Barbara.