Sunday 28 November 2010

Ear she comes!

More snow overnight and minus 5 degrees...I love it!. I know I won't be saying that if we freeze up again, as we did last year.... but it is so much better than the constant rain that we had at the beginning of the month.

St. Pat is a smart cookie, realising that he is not dressed for harsh winter conditions, he continues to make good use of his shelter. The new girls have also started to come into the barn on a regular basis and are making short work of the hay supplies. The desire for food usually does the trick in the end. The newcommers all got a dose of selenium and colbolt supplement this morning, just to give them a boost. All were all very well behaved with no one trying to spit it out thankfully.

Explorer and Finian are the two hard boys of the herd and have spent most of the day outside. At one point Explorer had lots of little snow balls hanging from his chin but he wasn't for having his photo taken (there's a surprise!) I found Fin still out as dusk was falling, toughing it out next to the sheep:

Finian with only the sheep for company.

The dogs also love the snow. We have had Oscar for a couple of hours this morning. Always good for tiring out Velvet for the day.

Ear she comes...Velvet at top speed.

Oscar and Velvet

Tyke in his tartan Sunday coat.

Our frozen pond.

Despite deciding to stay at home this weekend, we did manage to get in Sunday lunch with Robyn and Craig at the Heather Glen, a hotel and restaurant situated in the village. We had ordered the special xmas menu, nothing unusual, so we were surprised when the owner, who is also the chef, came out of the kitchen to speak to us. "Would you like to try some carrot peelings?" she asks...well we must have looked a bit bemused...and I was just beginning to wonder if they would be roasted or boiled...when she quickly clarified..."for the alpacas!"....not many customers come home with a doggy bag like ours!...they loved them and much easier than chopping them all myself!


  1. I thought it was Dumbo !!...for a moment...Velvet is in mid air.....with those ears...she can hover over the snow....!!...excellent photos......Jayne

  2. A great action shot of Velvet! Loved the carrot story. Stay warm. Shirley & Robbie