Sunday, 21 November 2010

Saving the jobs for another day...

There has been a lot of socialising and not much work going on around here over the past three days. On Friday we had a visit from fellow bloggers Dave and Joy (aka Mrs S) from Apple Vale Alpacas who were on their way to Scotland to visit family. As we are, all three, complete alpaca addicts, it was full on alpaca chatter over lunch, followed by some cria assessment before they headed off...maybe that should read before they made their escape...I can talk alpaca all day especially with such good company!

On Saturday we did some updating of our website, which always seems to take us far longer than anticipated. I still need to get the boys linked up to Alpacaseller stud services...I will get round to it before spring I'm sure... otherwise we are current! I did put a couple of girls on the for sale list last week... but removed them after a couple of days. When we have so many stud males and plenty of land it did seem a bit silly to be reducing down our females. We also need to keep some potential sale stock in case of local interest.

Saturday afternoon saw me doing some charity work. Okay, I'm making it sound far more altruistic than is the case, but that's what Paul believed! My friend, who is running the London marathon, was raising money for her chosen charity. My main role involved consuming some cheese and wine and catching up on the gossip! I did give Poppet her second Lambivac in the morning but otherwise very little work got done.

Today was the NEBAG (North East and Border Alpaca Group) AGM to which we sent our apologies...see I did say all play and no work this weekend! We have been celebrating Robyn's birthday with a fantastic lunch at Miller Howe situated on the banks of Lake Windermere It is an amazing arts and craft period hotel, which serves exquisive food from a contempory dining room, with beautiful lake land views. This is now our new favourite place to you may have guessed we are all real foodies!

View of the lake from the dining room...Paul's Blackberry hasn't really done it justice!

Tomorrow will see me having to work doubly hard to catch up on the many alpaca duties from the weekend. With no poo picking been done since Thursday it's going to mean some dodgy elbows and a stiff back by tomorrow evening. I also have rather a lot of emails to attend to.

The plan is that EP Cambridge Lady Gaga and Waradene St. Patrick of EPC will be arriving on Wednesday. I am still fine tuning my quarantine arrangements so that we can keep on top of the grass. Final decisions tomorrow!


  1. Better get on top of that poo problem (not literally though!) Looks like a big day to come on Wednesday -good luck! Shirley & Robbie

  2. Oh exciting stuff....I bet you don't sleep....hope all goes well and they arrive safe n sound...looking forward to some photos....Jayne

  3. We had a lovely time on friday thanks Barbara, and only a little bit disappointed not to meet the newbies, but that was made up for by meeting your lovely herd who are beautiful in any case. Good ceilidh in Glasgow on saturday, now stopped off in Manchester for dinner with eldest.