Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Velvet provides the entertainment...

Many thanks for all your comments regarding St. Patrick. Unfortunately I haven't got any more exciting news to share at the moment. It has been a few days of routine tasks: drenching with Fasinex (for liver fluke); administering A, D and E paste (I am still debating whether or not to go on to injections - they actually like the paste and we need to condition score every month anyway!); toe nail trimming; some tidying up around the eyes for some of the cria; and poo collecting of course.

I am still a rookie alpaca blogger, not having completed my first year apprenticeship. I started blogging in the middle of one of the coldest winters on record. Lots of snow and lots to complain about! Then came spring and the anticipation of the births. Summer of course is fantastic for alpaca bloggers, lots of lovely cria and mating decisions to discuss. But autumn...it's just wet...it's generally pretty boring in alpaca world...I notice that I am possibly not alone with this thought...blogs seem to be fewer on the ground...so sorry for the lack of excitement... at least it was dry today so I did manage some photos.

Poppet practising her Irish Jig ready for St. Patrick...Bahati trying to follow the steps!

The next photo had me in stitches. I hadn't noticed Velvet in the picture until I downloaded it. You may have to click on to enlarge. Check out the flying ears...she has definitely got the spaniel version!

Where's Velvet!

With a little help from Velvet I did manage to get all 10 of this year's cria in a  photo together. Note Explorer just keeping slightly aloof!

All ten 2010 cria (click to enlarge)

Velvet and Nutmeg...both growing fast.

Parisien and Poppet...latest best friends...the coloureds always end up sticking together!

I had a knitting lesson today...naturally gifted?...I think not!. I am off now to practice...I have homework. Basket weave I think it is...wish me luck!


  1. Lovely photos - and congratulations on the fabulous Patrick (sorry, been out of blog land for a bit and just read about him)!
    Basket weave sounds very advanced to me - Good Luck!

  2. Good effort for a 'rookie' Barbara, with 'not much going on' - keep it coming - I'd like to see your technique for inserting the ADE paste into a reluctant mouth.

  3. Nice photos and Explorer is keeping up the air of supremeness !!.....and remaining far too 'posh' to join in !!....Velvet and Nutmeg look cute......along with all the others.....Jayne