Thursday, 16 September 2010

A visit to the boys...

Thank you for all your nice comments on my last blog. However I did note that some (i.e Jayne and Mark) think that sitting in the cria field with a camera is not to be classified as work; Well I can say with absolute conviction it is in my job description...I know...I wrote it!

Today I had a trip out to visit Felix, Fidel and Jenson, the 3 boys that we sold back in May. Their new owners were rather concerned about an injury that Fidel had sustained to his back leg, so I went along with treatment for all eventualities. He had obviously had a knock and had an small open sore. A shot of Finadyne, some antiseptic spray and a long acting antibiotic will hopefully do the trick. Whilst I was there the boys got their Lambivac and are now up to date with everything.

The boys looked great and I managed a lovely cuddle with all three. They remembered me I am sure. I did get reprimanded by Robyn for not taking her along; and I am sure that I will receive the same from Amanda when she reads this. Sorry rushing as always!

Jenson, Felix and Fidel (hiding)

I had actually been to the osteopath on route. The cause of the severe neck pain?...diagnosis: fleece skirting. A good reason to stop?...unfortunately not...I have 250 fleeces awaiting collection!!

Talking of fleece and fibre; I went to Stoneleigh Park on Sunday to attend a meeting of the BAS National Fibre Committee. Amongst the many things discussed was a research project into the large scale use of fleece graded as thirds. Anthony Turner ( is collecting lower grade fleece donations (he needs tonnes to make this viable) and is experimenting with creating industrial grade, fire resistant felt which has possible wide scale application. I also got tasked with writing a page for the BAS website on fibre. That's what happens when you go to meetings!

Lady Gaga's fleece arrived in the post today. Obviously far to late for the GWR fleece show so she has been entered in the Scottish National. Her fleece is as stunning as I remembered, thankfully.

We are still waiting for Bahati to deliver. I don't think that she will go much longer she is looking pretty close and is 339 days. Odds are on for a dark brown but will it be male or female?

Bahati...not much longer to wait?

Friends coming to stay. Arriving tomorrow lunch time...still so much to do!


  1. I cannot even imagine what your back must feel like after 250 fleeces!! You deserve a rest!
    Would have been good to have seen Lady Gaga's fleece - sounds like a real cracker.

  2. Skirting or bale stacking !!...which is easier !!..I wonder....its not the weather for sitting out in the fields up the moment...its like winter....and my lot are tucked up bed !!!.....Jayne

  3. The boys do look great, glad they are still so cuddlesome.

  4. Its great to see how the lovely Jenson(formerly the mobile haysnack!)is doing. They look like they get plenty of cuddles, perfect.