Thursday, 30 September 2010

A question of I need help!

I am obsessed. Maybe even possessed. Whatever it is; It is all very strange. I would never have believed it could happen...I have gone mad...I just can't stop skirting fleece! And what's more I am excited by it. I get up and start delving in alpaca fleece whilst still in my PJs. Six thirty a.m. I am out in the barn. Nine thirty p.m. Paul drags me away. Last night I even dreamt that I ran away with an Australian sheep shearer...I need help!

I even persuaded Mum and Dad to come and give me a helping hand yesterday. Despite the fact that Mum claims that Dad is colour blind - I think it has something to do with the way he dresses himself if left to his own devices - he proved to be a dab hand at grading (well he was a sheep farmer) and sorting out shades (this was a surprise). Okay maybe my latte was his coffee; my apricot his peach; and my nutmeg became his ginger; but he was spot on at getting the blends right. At this rate I might even meet my deadline for the mill.

In amongst all the fleece sorting, Hoity Toity had a visit from the vet on Tuesday. When we had an outbreak of mites earlier in the year HT was our only alpaca to have any signs and symptoms of mites on her face. This left her with thickened skin around her eyes. Scar tissue has since formed and this has caused her eyelashes to grow inwards. I noticed on Tuesday a slight ulceration on her eyeball so the vet was called.

Small cuts were made to the skin under each eye (under local anaesthetic) and the skin stapled back from the eyes. She was so well behaved. I think that she just wanted to be helped. You could see the relief instantly. Poor HT but hopefully no more irritated eyes. Daily eye drops now for 7 days.

I did manage to grab the camera whilst taking Tyke and Velvet out for a run in the fields. Velvet still doesn't understand the danger associated with trying to sneak in with the cria whilst alpaca mums are on guard:

Something of interest happening ?....Lucie, Roma and Explorer...

...that will be Velvet trying to squeeze through the fence...quick check; left; right; all clear...

Oops maybe not all clear then...looking guilty Velvet!


I also managed to sneak up on Poppet, who is looking very curly indeed. Not sure why I chose a formal pet name for her as this seems to keep changing daily. Today's favourite...chocolate cake!,


  1. Crikey Barbara, you took one trailer full of fleece away didn't you? Nice pics of Velvet. Hope H-T recovers well.

  2. Sounds like you are going mad !!....running off with a sheep very dare you !!..and dreaming of skirting..morning, noon and night !!.....Velvet looks like she is a bundle of trouble, nice to hear that HT has received treatment...from the vets...these mites are a real nuissance !!.....Im sure she will be feeling much more comfortable !!.......Jayne

  3. Nice photos Barbara. Hope HT's eyes are getting better. Shirley & Robbie

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