Friday, 10 September 2010

Westmorland County Show

It was an early start yesterday morning; 5.00 am to be precise. Looking on the positive side it felt like suitable revenge to wake Velvet up for a change rather than the other way around. However as Tyke had already had me up at 2.30 am I don't think that I am winning the war of the dogs. Pack leader I obviously am not!

The reason for the early rise was the 7.00 am line up for stewarding duties at Westmorland County Show. Paul was complimented on his self control during ring stewarding duties. Despite the white coat looking a little green in places all was calm. My role as second inspection steward was also stress free; no missing microchips or colour disputes this year.

Indeed the whole alpaca event was so well organised (Chris Truelove & Brain Raine) everything went like clockwork. Strict British Alpaca Society (BAS) biosecurity guidelines were enforced at all times and were adhered to without complaint. A large and airy tent was a real bonus.

All entries in the show were local to Cumbria, Northumberland, Lancashire and North Yorkshire giving a very northern feel to the event. Entries were down from that of previous years but quality was extremely high. The judge, Nick Harrington-Smith appeared suitably impressed and remarked on numerous occasions about the quality of the alpacas now being breed in the North of England. Please note the lack of bias in the reporting!!

Overall the boys stole the show (as is usually the case) There were very few female entries. However the star for the girls was undoubtedly Nero Black Galaxy. A brown (yes...brown!) Lillyfield Jack of Spades daughter who took the brown colour championship. Nero Black Jack (same sire) also took the black colour championships, so well done folks! These are 2 cria that I first saw at just a few weeks of age so I was nearly as excited as their owners. Townend Asterix, a fantastic Bozedown Viscount boy took the Supreme Championship (note to Jayne!)

Paul and I had a stroll around the tractor stands with Bev and Andy (chaperoning to avoid disputes). No purchases surprises there. Bev and Andy were showing a lot of interest in field what can that be about?


  1. Glad to hear all went well Barbara, we missed not being there this year, it's a great show.

    Nick Harrington-Smith said the same about the quality of animals in the North at Kelso, it's good to hear isn't it.

  2. Well Andy bet you'd get an orange one and I bet you'd get a green one, but neither of us was prepared to put money on you going home without any tractor!

  3. Good to hear about a show at this time of year Barbara, mind you it must have been nearly dark at 5.00? What's happened to your headshot of the alpaca that seemed to get bigger each time I logged on? (!)

  4. Thanks Barbara..Supreme Championship noted !!..we are just dreaming of that sort of thing....up here !! But you never know !!....Glad you had a good show and enjoyed the experience....Jayne

  5. Yes Dave, Paul was of the exact same opinion of Almost Illegal's head shot...he did seem to be growing!...I bowed to husband pressure on this occasion (I secretly agreed of course)!