Saturday, 11 September 2010

Gorgeous at play....Cria fun & games!

In alpaca terms: nothing and I do mean absolutely nothing; beats watching your own cria; the cria that you have helped nurture; play together and generally enjoy being alive. For me this is especially true when it includes my little man Explorer. I managed to capture him on film this time (if a little blurred):

Kenzie starts the fun and games with some Explorer wrestling.

Explorer is more interested in playing peek-a boo than wrestling today!

Lucie starts a new game of  'here we go around the electric pole'!!

Same game with more voltage!

Things are hotting you see the foreground

Lucie in the lead but Explorer overtakes Nutmeg

Look at that effort...In order: Lucie; Tabitha; Explorer; Kenzie; Nutmeg....

Yes....Explorer takes the lead...I declare the boy's a winner!

Nonchalant in his victory....Explorer & team head back.


  1. Great photos - I don't know how you manage the action shots, my hands shake too much! The cria are looking fabulous!

  2. lovely series Barbara, you must have had your Nike's on!

  3. Fantastic pics of the cria at play.....looked like they were having a great time! Each moment caught perfectly......thankyou!

  4. What a shoot !...obviously no work !!.....and why not..enjoy the high spirits......I can feel....the pride !! the photos !!...beautiful !!............Jayne

  5. Excellent photography, and yes it does give you joy and your reward, as you watch them all play, and get excited.
    you just can not help it i love all alpacas.

  6. Ditto all above - great photos!

  7. Another busy day at Beckbrow then?

    He is your 'stand out' cria, no doubt. Marvellous

  8. Really good pics, and such lovely adorable crias. Puts out small number to shame (hoping for more next year)!