Thursday, 23 September 2010

A lovely brown cria from Bahati....No surprises!

After a couple of days of lovely September sunshine...Bahati decided to give birth...just as the heavens decided to open! So it was a quick dash to the barn for mum and cria.

Here she is pictured at just 20 minutes-old. A beautiful dark brown as predicted....and another girl. Well done Bahati that's three daughters in a row. I really did think that it would be a boy this time.

Bahati, pictured below, is a brown girl with a strong black pedigree who has so far always produced only dark brown girls, all from black sires. Blueberry Sinbad Holly is the daddy on this occasion.

I had thought that I might name her Beck Brow Paige Turner although I do keep referring to her as Poppet. Paul has yet to see her so may have other ideas...somehow I don't see him shouting Poppet up the field!

Blueberry Samurai Bahati

Despite a poor weather decision Bahati did choose a convenient 10.30 am slot to deliver. This gave me just enough time to ensure both mum and cria were okay and that the teat had been found, before getting the boys in.

Hollywood had a visit booked in with two lovely fawn girls, who arrived this afternoon. As we have finished our own matings for this year this was a bonus outing for Hollywood. We gave him an hour and a half in between matings so fingers crossed that he has performed well. One of the females has produced prize winning progeny in the past (the other a maiden) so it will be interesting to see what he produces. It is a gamble with an unproven male but we hope that his elite genetics will give the desired results. The waiting game has commenced.

Yesterday I drove to Yorkshire with a load of fleece (75 kgs) to hand over to Paul at the Halifax Spinning Company. Some of you may be wondering what I am going to do with all this wool...well that makes two of us... I am meeting with our designer in a couple of weeks hopefully she will know! In the mean time I tried to get some photos of the latest shades. I though if I photographed it in the window the light behind would help...No. I will try again when it is not raining.

You will have to take my word for looks and feels great!


  1. Congratulations on your lovely new arrival...she looks gorgeous !! The weather has been horrendous here all lot are all tucked up in bed also.....the yarn looks lovely and the colours are beautiful........Jayne

  2. Well done Bahati, she could have done it yesterday in the sunshine mind!

    With all that yarn you really are going to have to learn to knit Barbara!!!!

  3. Beautiful colour, congratulations!

  4. Congratulations, what a beautiful girl, what a lot of gorgeous curls.

  5. Poppet, Tinky Winky, Munchkin, Noodle - all are acceptable nicknames for cria - at least that's what I call Bramley! But she would have fun made of her at school (Shows) - so I'll leave you to come up with her 'sensible' name - congratulations.

  6. Beautiful colouring............Congratulations.

  7. A superb end to the year - looks like lots of products to come over the winter months.