Friday, 24 September 2010

Poppet, Munchkin, Noodle, Cutie Pie?

I have decided to follow Dave's example (comments 23/9). Cria pet names are really cute...however silly they may sound to normal grown up people...though Noodle may be taking it a bit far Dave!

So acknowledging that I may be a case for ridicule; our new cria will be called Poppet (registered as Paige Turner in case of future stardom).

Born weighing 10.1 kgs she is already big and strong and has been running around with the other cria this afternoon. She was even brave enough to mess around with Explorer (photo - Poppet, Nutmeg, Tabitha & Explorer).

She is extremely friendly. Just as well as I have been constantly checking to ensure that she is keeping warm. The weather has been grim for most of the day but she has felt cosy in her cria coat. I have not decided on the plan for this evening; in or out? one coat or two?

Barbara and Philip (Jenson Fidel and Felix's new owners) paid us a visit today and kindly took me for a very nice lunch in the village. I really have been working far too hard this week...poo picking is not up to my usual standards! I am working on the Intensive Care Unit tomorrow and have suggested that Paul he might do some poovering for me. No ... that was never going to happen was it.


  1. Poppet looks nice and snug in her..cria coat, strangely enough I have pet names for my alpacas...maybe its an alpaca thing.....strange, who me, you...or all of us !! ..;-)....Jayne

  2. Hi Barbara, We think Poppet is a great name (and hope she is a good 'Paige' Turner!) The 'poovering' made us laugh - thats a new one on us. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  3. I call all our girls monkey or sweetheart, occasionaly when they 'misbehave' they get called something very different!

    Poppet looks very nice, lovely.