Saturday, 28 August 2010

Zipperdy Do-Dah!

I seem to have woken up singing this morning. Zipperdy Do-Dah is the song of choice; rather strange but cheery. The reason for this early morning brightness? Against all the odds... WE HAVE HAY!

Despite rain having been forecast, the Eden Valley managed to escape the showers and we have had 3 days of dry weather with a lovely sunny day yesterday. Amazingly the hay looks pretty good. Well 90% of it. The rest we will keep for wind breaks just in case we need to put any young cria under a heat lamp next year.

Now normally Craig and a gang of his fit young friends do all the manual work involved with getting the hay into the barn. Labour in exchange for a nice bottle of red (whatever happened to a few tins of beer!) keeps my back in working order and Robyn's horse in hay! Unfortunately Criag and Robyn are not back from their holidays until today....Oh well I am creaky but happy.

Amanda will also benefit from supplies of hay but was no where to be seen. I had popped to see her earlier in the day but she had enough on her mind. Absorbed with shelter building some one had left the gate open:

 It appears that Alpacas and Soay sheep get along just fine!


  1. Glad you got your hay, fingers crossed I will have some next week too!

  2. Great news on the Hsy front !!...mine is looking less promising...and more showers...just trying to decide what to do for the best...this !!....the alpacas and soays...look great !!!.......Jayne

  3. My oh my what a wonderful day!
    Everything come to hay who waits! Yippee, thats fab news. Think Elvis and Ma have formed a coalition, Minty is the Minister for Hay.

  4. The hay looks good!
    Glad you got it in - it is looking like hay will get very expensive this year!