Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Right decision?....time will tell

The call came this morning; our new trailer was ready for collection. Although I am not the most competent at reversing I decided to go collect it myself. Surely I could get home by going forwards? Yes...just use the mirrors...I remembered! And I even managed to reverse park it. Okay, it did take four attempts but Paul doesn't need to know that.

The purchase of a new trailer has caused rather a lot of debate in our house. I made the decision to order an eight foot trailer when Paul thought that it should have been a ten foot one. Now I agree that when we have an amazingly large show team it may be rather small, but we do still have a horse trailer as well. In the mean time it is the ideal size for taking females for matings and boys to local events. As most of the time it will be me who will be towing it; small is good! (I will be practising my reversing). Time will tell if I have made the right decision...I am sure I will hear plenty about it if this is not the case!

I did try to get a photo of Explorer today in order to prove that he looks much more angelic with his neck fleece tidied up. Not sure if I succeeded? Well I did manage to get the photo... it is the angelic bit that is in doubt!

Explorer...looking less grumpy?

If Explorer wasn't looking as sweet as I intended I thought I could get a photo of Camilla to demonstrate how pretty his mum is; but I obviously caught her by surprise:

Camilla...should have said cheese!

The decision to cut the hay field is looking rather dubious. We had rain again this morning. It is sunny just now but the forecast is for showers again tomorrow. Another case of time will tell...


  1. Trailer looks good Barbara - we have one this size and it's great. It gets more use carrying bales of hay than alpacas though! Great photos of wee Explorer and Camilla

  2. Lovely photos!
    Like the trailer but there is no way I could reverse something like that!

  3. Lovely trailer. 8ft sounds good! I think ours is the bigger one, but a Bateson. I trailer it and have improved a little, but reversing takes a while to get totally right! Pacas look great too.

  4. Very nice trailer ! Looks the business !! and you should know....size matters....especially to the men in the house !! Im hanging on to the grass crop for the moment !!...and well Explorer...I can't decide if he looks more angelic !! or not !! ....Jayne ;-)

  5. You'll soon get the hang of reversing, my first attempt was when I went to do a drive by mating with a couple of girls and I had to get it down a tiny gap without touching the precious lawn - I was petrified, but it was fine! I'm fine now so I'm sure you will be.

    As for the size they all like to sit down snuggled up to each other so you'll fit plenty in and it will be more economical on the fuel:-)

  6. Nice trailer Barbara - I think Camilla is saying: "you're not taking my picture with my 'hair' loking like this".

  7. Ooooh, nice trailer. We went for the 10 foot Bateson and, I'm sorry you are not going to like this, I wish we had gone for the 12ft!

    Perfect most of the time but occasionally you just need that bit extra.......maybe I'm just being greedy. Explorer still looks mean. Great!

  8. The same trailer we bought! We are very happy with it, and it is a joy to drive and reverse compared to ordinary horse trailers, for instance. It is a bit heavy, though.
    Explorer looks great!