Thursday 26 August 2010

The alpaca's in the post...

Bored with sorting and skirting fleece for the mill, I decided to skirt Galaxy's show fleece this morning. I set off with enthusiasm...rather too much so...getting rid of the shorter bits; the lighter bits; the dirty bits; the bits with slightly more guard hair (that bit was fair enough to throw...but the rest?).

Anyway when I looked at what I had removed it seemed rather a lot; I weighed it...800gms. Oops that equals 6 points with the BAS system. No way can I get that many points back in the other categories (uniformity of length, colour, micron)...she was never going to be even in colour whatever! (photo left). I'd put some back...well that's what I thought...unfortunately Velvet had got in the bag and was doing a bit of carding!! Oh well it's the taking part that counts or so I am told.

I felt that it was time for a little chill out in the cria paddock before resuming fleece sorting for the mill. Camera in hand of course:

Lucie a Top Account daughter has such a bright white fleece it is difficult to get a shot of her without too much glare!

Parisien with Katkin

Nutmeg (always posing) but what is Tabitha up to in the background with her head through the wire?

Finnian trying to get Holly to stand and supply lunch!


Finally; I received an e mail yesterday enquiring after alpacas for sale. Unsigned it did appear a little suspect. I politely replied that we had no alpacas on our for sale list at the moment but that would have some females for sale in the spring. Their response:

Thank you for replying to my enquiry. I will have one male and one female alpaca. Please send me your bank details so that I can send you a cheque. Payment will include postage.

Will that be first or second class post? I guess that's what happens when you have a get found!


  1. Gorgeous!! made me laugh out loud. But actually I do think Explorer is getting, well, if not quite gorgeous a lot less grumpy thug. Just back from holiday, it's nice to catch up.

  2. I would like to order 5 females (including Hoity-Toity) and 3 males (Almo, Julius and Gorgeous) please! P&P paid, thank-you.

  3. Like the new look blog header Barbara, and lovely pics - what soap powder do you use with yours? :-)

  4. Wondering how much the postage would be?!
    And where you get the padded envelopes from?!

  5. HA HA !!....Gorgeous..just made me laugh..out-loud too !:-0) He is just fantastic...isn't he !...what a just have to love him...He is just huggable !!...pleae post him up to me..I will of course pay the second class postage !!...The photos are great...and glad to hear that Velvet is taking an interest in the fleece skirting !!......Jayne

  6. Is this what is meant by a 'mail' alpaca?! Great new blog page - smashing photos.