Monday, 16 August 2010

Hey hay...we are going for it...

Today has been the second dry and sunny day in a row in Cumbria. A first in what seems like the the whole of July and August. I took Velvet for her puppy injection this morning and it felt like every farmer / agricultural contractor in the Eden Valley had their tractor out working. We have gone with the flow and cut our hay field. The forecast for tomorrow does have rain possible but we have been advised that a little rain before it gets dried out will not do too much harm. Lets hope the gamble pays off!

We are also getting a couple of our paddocks topped at last. We are in serious need; even Baheti who is the last of our pregnant girls due this year and is huge, can hardly be seen amongst the long grass. Baheti looks like she is truly fed up with the wait but isn't due until the 11th of September.

Baheti...jungle cover

I said yesterday about Camilla, mother of grumpy boy, having turned into one of our sweetest alpacas. When Camilla first arrived at Beck Brow she could at best have been described as a bit of a handful. She had this great manoeuvre when being handled of rearing up and going forward with force at the same time. This resulted in Paul receiving a couple of Glasgow kisses and the black eyes to show for it. It is amazing how she has changed. She is calm and easy to handle and wasn't at all concerned when we had to help her when Explorer was born. It is always worth persevering!

She is also lovely with all the other cria. Today I caught Nutmeg entertaining herself with Camilla's ear tag and she just stood there until Nutmeg got bored. I must also give Explorer a gold star today. I decided to trim his neck fleece ( it had been shaved in places when he was born and looked rather messy) and he stood there with out complaint. I have to say he does look less like a thug now, although you will have to take my word for it; I didn't think that it was wise to risk an opinion poll by including a photo!

Aunty Camilla entertaining Nutmeg


  1. We've had a few that have been like Camilla when they arrived, it just shows what you can do if you put the time in doesn't it. Although I've got to admit we have one, Kate who no matter how much time you put in she hate's any form of contact be it from alpaca or human!

  2. You can't leave it like that!
    We need to see pictures of Explorer with his new neck cut!

  3. I hope the weather GODS are kind to you !! I've decided not to bother !! this week as we have rain forecast for Thursday ! So its looking like next week !!..again....fingers crossed for you for nice dry..bales standing in the fields ! I want photos..if you manage to achieve that one !!.....Jayne