Monday 30 August 2010

Evidence of a very lazy bank holiday weekend...and Explorer's fleece

We have had a very lazy bank holiday weekend; quite unusual for us. With no pressing jobs to do (there are always jobs but nothing that can't wait until next week when Paul is on 'holiday') we have managed to spend our time both socialising and relaxing with our alpacas.

With all this leisure time I tasked myself with trying to tempt Explorer into being a little bit more loving:

It appears to be working although Tabitha looks a little unsure. I think the problem was that there was evidence of previous rejection...nobody wants to be second choice:

Whilst I had hold of Explorer trying to teach him some loving ways, we decided to have another go at a fleece shot. Definitely more in focus I think. The improvement ? Paul was holding the camera:

Beck Brow focus!

Lucie hasn't had many head shots on the blog due to initially being shy then latterly due to some sticky eyes. Daily washouts were not achieving any long term benefits so we decided to use Orbenin eye ointment (we used this with Explorer with good effect) and they have cleared up straight away:

Lucie (Nutmeg sniffing Paul in the background!)

Velvet, our new puppy has won Paul over completely. We have been taking her out on a lead and she has been doing pretty well:

Most of the time:

Velvet...enough training for one day!


  1. I shall sort out some of that ointment for Greeves tomorrow!
    Lovely fleece shot! Explorer looks a real stunner!

  2. Good picture there Paul. Well done.

    Nice fleece from Explorer Barbara.


  3. Great shot of Explorer with the chewed up grass on his head! They always look timid when that happens to them, don't they? One of our boys usually has a lump of green stuff behind head, and a wobbly bottom lip, at some point indicating a disagreement. Lovely photos. Bank holiday over - back to work! Shirley & Robbie

  4. I need a course on lazy weekends - although there may be stuff that can be put off until another day, I'm aways afraid that when 'another day' comes around, there will be stuff that actually can't wait another day, so preventing me from doing what once could wait another day but now can't... I think -

    nice shot of the fleece - is that all this years growth?

  5. Wow..what a shot !...fantastic..fleece picture..nice to have a lazy day....Velvet looks sweet and..the sun is shining Im making the most of it !!.......Possible bales..tomorrow !!......Jayne

  6. Paul says thanks for the positive comments on his I said much better fleece shot attempt than mine!

    Yes Dave, that is Explorer at just under 3 months of age. He did spend 385 days in the womb so maybe he got a head start!

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