Wednesday 21 April 2010

A Golden Unicorn!

As all alpaca owners know; The power of the alpaca to understand us; the calm that they bring us and the peace that they create, is ever amazing.

I have been busy today doing some freelance work as a legal nurse, interesting but heavy going at times. I find that there is nothing better to focus the mind, when getting bogged down, than a little stroll into the alpaca paddock.

Nimrod is always a joy to behold; a lovely mid fawn boy who has a air of mystery about him; Some what mystical at times; or is that mythical? This is the picture that greeted me this afternoon. A lovely golden unicorn!

Nimrod doing a lovely impersonation of a unicorn!


  1. Curious - what's a legal nurse?!( as opposed to an illegal one!)
    Love the picture of Nimrod, and great to meet you and Amanda the other week. Will def come and visit some time.

  2. I know Nimrod is intelligent but getting him to knit your new range of alpaca knitwear is truly amazing!!

  3. Thanks girls...your comments did make me smile.

    Yes do come over Hilary, we are looking forward to a nice pub lunch! The last bit of the kit has just arrived so whenever suits you.


  4. He is a very beautiful alpaca! And thge first paragraph perfectly explained how alpacas make you feel.