Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Nice wether for it boys!

The girls have been enjoying the sunshine today, with some serious sunbathing. I did have to go and check them out on a couple of occasions as I had forgotten how strange a field full of flat out alpacas can look.

I’m afraid it wasn’t such a good day for some of the boys. Snowstorm (AKA Snowdrop), Nimrod and Julius had a visit from the vet. Today was the day that they ceased to remain intact. We did deliberate about castrating the three boys. Nimrod and Julius are no bother and are submissive to their elder males. However, Snowstorm, although he has never worked, is a bit more of a problem and gets quite competitive if any females are around. Snowstorm (pictured) our only Suri, came to us as a companion male for Legacy; Unfortunately Legacy doesn't seem to rate him too highly. I am not holding out too much hope for a change in behaviour, as you can see from the post castration photo, he does have a high opinion of himself. Well I suppose in another world a confidence swagger might have done the trick!

Robyn and Oscar came around this morning to lend a hand. Oscar I noticed was looking rather dapper in a very nice cria coat. So that’s where it went. It is lovely having The Borrowers living in the same village as us . Well most of the time!

Oscar: modelling cria coat from Homesteads Farm Supplies!


  1. We have the Borrowers living near-by too! They have their uses and we do love them of course.

  2. Extra TLC for the lovely Julius and his gorgeous pal Nimrod. Glad to see Snowdrop is still exuding the X-factor! Self confidence is a wonderful thing! Good on ya Snowy!