Saturday, 10 April 2010

NWAG Fleece Day

Following on from last years successful event; Today was the North West Alpaca Group's fleece day. Liz Barlow put us through our paces at judging both halter and fleece classes. I did feel under a little pressure having been taught by Liz on the BAS Foundation and 1st Stage Judging courses, but she was kind enough not to pick on me. Liz is such a mine of information it is difficult not to over burden her with constant questions.

It was a fantastic day with a great turn out from the group. The weather was also very good to us, providing us with a lovely sunny day. The best part is having the opportunity to chat to so many fellow alpaca owners and knowing that when someone asks you an alpaca question they really do want to know the answer! Amanda gave me a lift so it was alpaca chatter from door to door.

Paul claimed to have lots of jobs to catch up on today so I had left him at home. He had obviously been doing some planning as by the time I returned he had installed a fab new handling system inside the barn for me. It is our wedding anniversary today; No flowers so this is obviously my surprise present! It isn't often that I don't have anyone on hand to hold the alpacas, but it is good to know that I can now give an injection unaided if necessary.


  1. Who said romance was dead? The flowers would be, within a week, but your handling system will last a long time! Obviously a practical man, your Paul. We gave Lambivac jabs today, and were surprised that it was the youngest, Autumn Gold who was the most difficult! She has her baby fleece, so it was so long I couldn't keep a clear view of the 'tent', and she kushed frequently - I'm not convinced that very much went in - still learning in that department. Dave.

  2. It isn't always easy is it. People think because I am a nurse it will be second nature to me. However it is completely different. You don't get many patients who keeps trying to escape whilst you can't see what you are doing for fluff!