Friday, 23 April 2010

A Grand National Performance!

We had a fun day today, with a visit from the boys' new owners. After going through the handover package and a bit of theory, it was outside for some hands on training. The fun bit.

We used the intermediate boys as demonstrators; How to trim toe nails; to fit head collars correctly; possible injection sites; teeth and jaw assessment. All the boys were on their best behaviour.

Next it was leading on the Halter: Almo and Hollywood were used and gave a suitably impressive demonstration; A perfect show ring standard.

So far so good?....Ummm...well not quite. As we were prancing up the lane, we became aware of a thundering noise from behind... Nimrod! ..He had obviously jumped the small section (six feet wide max) of sandstone wall next to the gate. Talk about not wanting to be left out of the attention! He had left poor Julius on his own looking bewildered.

 Nimrod is obviously taking the unicorn role too seriously! Luckily he just trotted back to the field behind the other boys. More fencing Paul!

The young boys behaved impeccably. Fidel (pictured) led the way on the halter and all three boys picked up their feet like pros. I am pleased to say that they are going to a lovely home, which makes parting with them slightly less difficult.

I had hoped that Camilla might have produced for our visitors today. She is now 344 days and is waddling. Last into feed when she normally barges in first. So hopefully not too much longer! Or is she really not pregnant after all!

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  1. Congratulations to the boys new owners, happy days ahead. Maybe Nimrod thought it was the steeplechase as opposed to the dressage!