Sunday, 18 April 2010


I really couldn't watch. I knew it was coming; But just not yet. I wasn't psychologically prepared! It was a beast of thing leaving a trail of destruction behind it.

I accept that my paddock cleaning may be bordering on obsessive compulsive disorder. I know that I am not alone in thinking that there is nothing better than a pristine paddock. This is of course about diligent parasite control; It has nothing to do with pretty alpacas in pretty paddocks!

Any way I knew it was for the best. Today the farmer from up the road arrived with a large tractor and muck spreader. The alpaca poo that I have been beavering away collecting and piling on the midden all winter has been spread back on to the hay field. It makes sense to recycle the manure and put all the nutrients from the feed back on to the land. At least we can be assured it has been left below freezing over winter. Minus 15 to be exact.

Thankfully it is looking like rain so it should get washed in fairly quickly. In the meantime I will just focus on the lovely clean birthing paddock.


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  1. Im waiting for the 'beast' to arrive....and get the manure back onto the land.....ready for haymaking !.......Jayne