Friday 16 April 2010

Leaving but not going far!

I managed to get Paul to come clothes shopping in Keswick yesterday afternoon. Thankfully we had a successful outing, managing to find some outdoor clothing suitable for embroidering with our business logo.

I wasn’t really expecting to find anything as I had a definite colour in mind but it ended up being a relatively easy task. So, I have been to Lakeland Embroidery today and look forward to seeing the results in a couple of weeks. I wonder if we will ever see Paul in anything other than the T shirt!

Hoity Toity had her third vit B12 injection today. It is amazing how she has progressed in the six weeks since diagnoses. She is back up to normal weight and is skipping around annoying all the heavily pregnant girls. It is lovely to see. Having read more about vitamin B12 deficiency she was a text book case; Weight loss despite eating well and no parasitic involvement; Presenting with a hunched back and signs of depression.

Unfortunately we had only had HT three weeks when she miscarried so we really had no yardstick from which to measure her norm and assumed her disinterest was secondary to the loss of her pregnancy. I will now recognise the symptoms if we have any further problems. It is possible that we have cobalt deficiency on our land. However we have had no problems in the past and we routinely dose our entire herd with a cobalt and selenium drench so hopefully HT was a one off.

Today we had a visit from a lovely couple and their daughter, who had come to see the gorgeous: Jenson, Felix and Fidel. I am pleased to say that the boys will be going to live with (and I am sure be well loved by) a family who already own a number of animals and obviously take animal welfare very seriously. Even better they will be staying in Cumbria. I have to say that the boy’s halter leading demonstration left a lot to be desired. Alpacas will be alpacas! The three boys will be such a miss as they all enjoy a cuddle. Oh well at least Minnie still likes a hug.


  1. Hi Barbara

    I will wear my t-shirt tomorrow for toe cutting duties!! Am pleased the boys look like they have found a good home.

    Have put pizza in and having beer in house cant be bothered going upto the Glen now.


  2. Nice logo Barbara, did you come up with it?

  3. Thanks Dave.

    We had some basic ideas and paid a graphic designer, a relatively small amount,to come up with the end result.