Monday, 12 April 2010

Burning Ambitions!

I was up and about before 6am this morning. The plan was to have a lovely day walking with friends in the Lake District National Park. The alpaca girls were all fed by 6.30 and were looking very bemused; “She’s too early” I could hear them say!

By 8am I was just about ready, so a quick check of my e mails. That’s when the plans went downhill. A message from UPS: IgG testing kit on route and needs refrigerating on receipt. Oh well at least it did arrive at 1.30pm.

I had obviously confused the girls because when I went back out again they all came back in for their morning feed. Smart enough to recognise that I was too early, but not clever enough to remember that they had already eaten!

As I had had such an early start I decided to do some spring cleaning. All the loose old hay from the barn was the start of a bonfire that lasted most of the day. I just love lighting fires. I think it is in my genes as I remember my Gran always having a bonfire on the go. Some of the old intact bales I have kept, as they make good windbreaks for any cria needing to be under the heat lamp.

All the water troughs have been cleaned. I have noticed a lot of feet in them in the warm weather so they won’t be clean for long. I have also been doing quite a bit of alpaca watching in the sunshine. The birthing paddock has some garden benches in there, so it is just too tempting

From left: Honario, Camilla and Holly checking out the clean water trough.


  1. Sounds like you've had a great day, there is nothing like a good fire and tidy up. The girls are looking lovely.

  2. Why do they love to climb into the clean water troughs...its.....annoying to say the least...just when you've spent time to clean it...for a nice drink !!.....Jayne