Wednesday, 10 February 2010

What on earth....mite this work?

I know the M word causes even more discussions than the weather, but it's back to talking about mites. We have been fairly fortunate not to have had any excessive reactions to mites within the herd, however the tell tale evidence of hair loss and dry skin around the feet of one or two of the herd, means that they are there alright. We have tried all the usual systemic and topical treatments in the past. Most work to a varying extent but they are both time consuming and expensive. Not to be beaten I have decided to give Diatomaceous Earth (DE) a trial. DE is an organic product consisting of fossilized remains of diatoms. The mites are killed by ingesting the fine powder. Now getting it on to the alpacas is very entertaining......sprinkle on the floor and watch the queue to roll in it! I have been putting it in the barns and shelters for a couple of weeks now and it does appear to be working (it is important to reapply regularly to catch the hatching eggs). I still use Ruggles on any bald areas to encourage regrowth. Unfortunately I haven't taken a very scientific approach i.e kept a control group etc, so my evidence is low grade but I'm going to continue using it for now. As you can see from the photo of Pebbles you wouldn't want to use on your show team!

I have had visitors today and lunch out again (as Paul would say "it's a good life for some") Claire is keen to join the relief team and came for some training. She is a natural and always gets a warm welcome. The girls (the alpacas ones) even managed to demonstrate some good manners for Claire at feeding time

Claire (fair hair) and Chris with Minnie and Willow.


  1. Look forward to progress reports - do you dust their feet directly with it too?

  2. Just as a matter of interest..I have used homeopathy on my alpacas for sarcoptic mange/mites...with excellent for mites and deals with the problem via the blood..also Graphites for replacement hair treat as described on the bottle....the little pillutes are easy to feed.....just thought you might like to know..this....Jayne

  3. Dusting their feet would work well but I am trying to avoid catching them all. Most get a dusting as I sprinkle it down but they are pretty good at covering themselves. They roll then kush in it.

    Anything homeopathic is of interest. Thanks for sharing Jayne.

  4. What did you already use? You obviously used Fronlinespray on between their toes? Used ivermectine injections?
    Many greetings,