Friday 5 February 2010

Time For Reflection

I had a night out with the girls last night...20 intensive care nurses in was never going to be a quite one! It did however prompt some reflection this morning. It is a year ago this month since I took the decision to leave my job, as a Lead Sister in critical care, in order to pursue the alpaca dream full time. My concerns at the time were: How would we manage without my salary? Would I become isolated (as so many of my good friends were also colleagues) and would breeding alpacas actually generate any income?
Well, one year on I can say without any doubt that we have no regrets. Okay last year's winter wardrobe is still in use and possibly will be again next year, but the lifestyle we now lead more than makes up for such things. Fortunately, my good friends are still such (alpacas do make you popular!) and I have been lucky enough to have made many new friends through the alpaca community. It is too early to answer the last concern...... time will tell!
I am sure that there will be some lows as well as the highs along the way but I am so glad that I had the courage to follow my heart. Just in case you think that I am living in a little dream world, I have been doing accounts this morning and spent hours cleaning up poo yesterday and I still love it!

Photo of Holly who was one of our foundation girls.........also looking somewhat reflective!


  1. Well done for following your heart Barbara, like most other breeders we did the same. As for your 'last concern', if you're as fortunate as we have been, you'll have nothing to be concerned about ;o))

    Rob n Les

  2. Holly looks deep in thought !...Im sure you have made the righ decisions....and in time you will reep the rewards...and in the meantime...just enjoy the new path you are fortunate enough to walk down together with your dreams and alpaca's....Jayne