Wednesday, 3 February 2010

No more the mummy's boy!

Felix, Fidel and Jenson are coping very well going solo. We left the 3 boys in their paddock and moved the mums to a new field. This seems to have worked well as the youngsters are familiar with their surroundings and are next to other young boys. The mums are also very happy as they have moved on to fresh grass. One sweet moment was when I heard Felix cry over the lane to the girls, not at his mum, but at his sister Minnie. I love the way alpacas keep their family groups. Pebbles and Pepsi (sisters) also have a very strong bond. I did go out with the camera to capture the 3 boys but they weren't being very cooperative regarding a group photo. Jenson was the only one who appeared to understand the 'say cheese' bit.

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