Tuesday 23 February 2010

A New Fawn Girl?

This weekend has been one of pregnancy related ups and downs. Just as we were allowing ourselves to believe that Camilla is actually pregnant, we found out that a female that we were about to take delivery of, has scanned empty. We have been looking to purchase an additional fawn girl for sometime now and have had a number of potential purchases not materialise due to failed pregnancies. We now have to decide if we want to go ahead with the purchase anyway (she is only a maiden) and re-mate her in the late spring. This needs some consideration as elite fawn girls don't seem to come up for sale too often.

Still on the pregnancy subject. I have been tidying out the birthing box ready for this year's births. We have organised our supplies of plasma, colostrum and Jump Start (from Eggs-Port at Hexham), the heat lamp is in good working order and we have a good stock of equipment for most eventualities. I have also ordered some more cria coats from Homestead Farm Supplies (as modelled by Pepsi Lola). I have found this design to be by far the best, providing warmth around the tummy area as well as the back. Of equal importance, so far nobody has actually managed to remove one despite some admirable efforts, especially by other cria.

Paul and I are looking forward to attending Claire Whitehead's birthing seminar and workshop at the British Alpaca Futurity this weekend. Hopefully I will feel more comfortable about donning the elbow length gloves afterwards (although lets not wish for that one!). There are so many interesting seminars this year it is going to be difficult to fit in watching the halter classes, though, as a fellow fan of coloureds, I will be making an effort to catch Mark (Patou) in the ring. Luckily the relief team are still up to speed and ready to move in whilst we are away.


  1. Look out for us at the Futurity would be nice to say hello - not sure if we'll get there friday as I'm on Jury Service....fingers crossed

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  3. Sorry obviously somehow deleted my reply! Will definitely look out for you...heres hoping that you escape being chosen and we see you Friday.

  4. Look forward to seeing you there Barbara. I'll be happy if we can get there dry!