Thursday 25 February 2010

Predator Alert

A dashing around day today, getting ready to leave for the Futurity tonight. Paul is still in Scotland so it will be a quick turn around for him. Robyn checked out Willow's foot today, had a sniff and decided it was definitely a fungal problem...being a community nurse has it's advantages! We have commenced with an anti-fungal spray and will keep monitoring. If there isn't any improvement by Monday I think that we will take a swab for culture and sensitivity. It isn't causing her any lameness, nor is it getting any worse, but we do need to get it cleared up.

I decided to move some of the ponies into a new field this morning. The shortest route (I was in a hurry) took me through the paddock belonging to the young males. I did wonder how I would manage the gates and hold on to a pony if the alpacas decided to run for it. I needn't have worried. The boys went in to prey mode and watched from a huddle in the corner. I'm not sure if there is a recorded incident of a Shetland pony eating an alpaca...a case of better to be safe than sorry I guess!

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