Monday 15 February 2010

Nimrod Earns His Keep

Nimrod, a lovely mid fawn male with beautiful eyes (and no crimp) managed to avoid the sales list last year despite some serious interest. I managed to justify this to myself by the following means: 1. He played a crucial part in the field dynamics! 2. He could be a blood donor for our plasma bank. Well the time has come for him to earn his keep. The vet has been booked, health checks have been made and vaccinations are up to date. Nimrod and 3 friends will be donating tomorrow. The nearest centrifuge is in Manchester so it will mean a 2 hour journey with the blood bags on ice. Last year I was unfortunate enough to be the innocent party in a traffic accident. I had to do a dramatic " details please. Sorry must dash, I have a boot full of blood!" performance. Lets hope for an uneventful trip this time. Although I hope that it is a wasted journey in the sense that we won't be needing to use any plasma, it is good to know that we will have supplies from our own herd (with the antibodies acquired on our farm) on site just in case.

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