Sunday, 7 February 2010

Just in Time

It has been a busy weekend here trying to catch up on all the jobs delayed by the weather. Paul managed to get the roof on the latest field shelter, a project started a couple of months ago. We were lucky enough to receive a 50% grant against the cost of the materials for the shelter from the North West Development Agency, however the dead line for completion is upon us......just in time! We also received a 50% grant against some penning and the creation of the website through the 'European Agricultural Fund for Rural development'. I guess it's always worth checking what is available locally through Business Link. It is a lot of paperwork (both the application and the process....hopefully I have it all correct) but worth the effort. I went out to get a photo of Paul hard at work but Minnie and Willow got in the way! I think that you can just see his head poking through the roof. Willow was born mid August and is due to be weaned anytime soon, as you can see she is as big as Minnie.
Jobs all done ....... it's Sunday evening......some pasta and a glass of red I think!

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  1. I can see Paul...but the girls do steal the limelight !!.....good job, weldone, no-doubt....Jayne