Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sit or Spit?

It has been a beautiful sunny day here at Beck Brow, which always adds to the feelgood factor. However, I think the bright mood may have more to do with the fact that Camilla spat off very convincingly, suggesting that she is pregnant after all. Thankfully, It looks like Rob was right and the vet wrong. I also owe Camilla an apology as she was very well behaved. Spitting off using Legacy is always stress free, he is such a wise old man, he knows when there is no chance and just takes it on the chin! We have had a very busy day today moving everyone into new paddocks. Hollywood's Attitude, who was two last month, has been put next to the girls, hopefully this will get him in the mood to start working in the summer

Hollywood looking out for the girls


  1. Excellent news, regarding Camilla....Hollywood looks like he is almost drooling already !!!...just wait till the spring !! ...Jayne

  2. Congratulations. Nice result. Fingers crossed for you on that one.


  3. Great news! Camilla has brains as well as class.