Friday, 19 February 2010

Tyke's Big Day Out!

I had to put my 'nasty hat' on again today and wean little Willow. Not only will she miss her mum, I suspect that she will also miss her good friend Minnie. It had to be done. Her mum, Blanche is an excellent mother but was looking like she needed a break.

On close inspection, I noticed that Willow had a sore between her toes. She wasn't lame so it wasn't very easy to spot. I have managed to get it nice and clean using sterile water pushed through a syringe (irrigation in nursing terms!) and have given it a good spray with Chlorhexadine. I will keep a good eye on it to see how it goes.

We are going to spit Camilla off tomorrow so fingers crossed. I decided that I need Paul at home to assist, whilst Legacy is very easy to handle, Camilla is not! Ben (son) is home from university for a few days and does lend a hand if needed, although, you do have to question his love of the countryside sometimes. Today he decided to take the dog for a walk (Tyke is a tiny miniature terrier, he has lots of attitude, but very short legs!). After walking the 30 minutes to the village, Tyke: has enjoyed a pub lunch in the Dukes Head with friends; then caught the train to Carlisle; stopped for an alfresco Costa's coffee; done a bit of window shopping in the city; then caught the train home some four hours later. Only Ben would leave the beautifully scenic Eden Valley on a dog walk! I guess that you really have to know Ben and Tyke to appreciate just how funny this was.

" Let me go to sleep" Tyke worn out after a trip to the city.


  1. Ahhh... he looks like he's had a busy day...window shopping....hope tomorrow goes well with back to sleep, dreaming of Designer Bones !......Jayne

  2. What a lucky little Tyke! Can't wait to hear about his next adventure!

    I know a great pet shop if you fancy some more shopping?