Friday, 12 February 2010

Trying to be creative

Fleece decisions were definitely on the top of the action list. In a moment of madness I had bought 35kgs of fine white fleece last year. This was before I realised that: 1. I don't do sorting 2. I have no artistic or creative skills what so ever! I had sent some raw white fleece up to the Highlands to be dyed using a natural process. This arrived back this week so decisions had to be made.

I have decided on a deep shade of heather which I am blending with white to give a very individual finish. I actually had the carders out working on the exact blend before sending it off to the mill. I am not sure how cost effective this will be. I guess it all depends on the net weight of the finished product. I still haven't decided whether or not to sell my raw fleece next year or to only process my own herd. Which ever, it is good to know that there are plenty of buyers out there and a number of options are available. The BAS national fibre committee are putting together some really useful information that should help new and established owners through all the stages, from getting the fleece off the alpaca to having the finished article on the shelf.

I only have one fleece left now and that belongs to Anzac Almost Illegal (Almo). His fawn cria fleece (in photo) shorn at 6.5 months is too full of debris to be used, but it remains as a reminder of why we have taken a gamble on him.


  1. There looks like plenty of usable fleece to me Barbara, stop making excuses!

    I can see why you took a gamble on him, it looks a nice fleece.

  2. You know me well....I'll always have an excuse!

  3. That fleece looks....perfect to use...I've managed with alot worse..and had some nice results...its marvellous what you can go on get stuck in !!.......Jayne