Sunday 7 August 2011

Ups and Downs

It has taken me a couple of days to feel able to report on the dreadful day that we had on Friday. Poor Max had obviously had more going on than I anticipated. We managed to sort out his constipation on Thursday evening, however he was refusing electrolytes via a bottle but was drinking from Mum, we were concerned but didn't think he was in anyway critical. However, on Friday morning, he was kushed but lethargic, and fearing dehydration I called the vet to administer some intravenous fluids. The vet started an infusion of Hartmans solution. However, as the flow rate was slow she decided to top him up with some intraperitoneal Hartmans, and planned that she would return in an hours' time with a correct size cannula, and to perform a full examination (she had received an emergency call out). Unfortunately the vet had only been left no more than 5 minutes, when Max suffered a seizure, his breathing became extremely laboured and he went into respiratory arrest.

Little Max had to fight for his life when he was born. We all fought so hard to keep him alive and he really did love life. A dreadful shame and we are mighty sad. Thankfully Minnie is absolutely fine. It has to be said she appears relieved...did she know more than us...I suspect so. RIP Marvelous Little Max.

On a happier note we are pleased to have introduced some lovely new owners to the addiction that is alpaca breeding. For although there will always be some lows (and I don't think anyone ever hardens themselves to the loss of a cria, or indeed any beloved animal) there are many more highs to owning and caring for such beautiful, inquisitive creatures, that are alpacas.

Richard and Lesley have purchased a ready made alpaca family in the form of Katkin and her 2 daughters; Parisien and Katie. Katkin is already pregnant to Waradene St. Patrick of EPC and Parisien will be mated to him very shortly. The girls are to stay at Beck Brow on livery until Richard and Lesley have made some alterations to their land and a shelter has been built. They will also be coming for plenty of hands-on training prior to taking the girls home.

Katkin, Parisien and Katie

Parisien...inquisitive as always

Velvet trying to stay as still as she can...Satchmo falling for the trick!

People often ask about "how can you bear to sell your alpacas?"...well it is hard... but there is also pleasure in sharing. Sharing knowledge and sharing the pleasure of alpaca ownership...and of course making lovely new friends. Last night we had a visit from Bev and Andy (owners of Fin, Kenzie and Noah) and had a meal down at the local...Yes...the downs are tough, but the highs are many.


  1. Really sad to read about Max, Barbara. Doesn't matter how hard you try, and you certainly tried hard with Max, nature still retains the upper hand. RIP Max. Take care. Shirley & Robbie

  2. Sorry to hear about Max, after all your efforts, and hope that Minnie continues to improve after the ordeal. Dave.

  3. We're so sorry to read about poor Max, it can be heart renching at times, but like you say the highs outway the tough times.

    I too have been trying to explain (half to convince myself I think!) how you can gain pleasure from seeing other enjoy their new alpacas when you sell them. I will never find parting with them easy!

  4. So sorry to read about Max.....I have no doubt that you did all that you could to give him the best possible chance. Life is precious and sadly some don't always make it, no matter how hard you try to save them. We are all at the mercy of mother nature, some things are really hard to accept..............Jayne

  5. So sorry to hear about Max. Life can be a complete shit at times but your attitude is bang on.
    A big hug from us all down here.

  6. So sorry to hear about little Max, but you did all you could. I haven't felt able to blog yet but we have a new little one that we may yet lose. We just have to do all we can for them but in the end there are some things we just can't fix. Any animal that has been a part of our lives, for however short a time, leaves its mark and a few tears along the way.. Big hugs from LGM too.

  7. So sorry to hear you have lost little Max, you had done all you could, nobody could have done more, but sadly mother nature always has the ultimate decision.

    A big hug from all at Cotswold Vale.


  8. Barbara, I am so very sorry about Max. Due to things here, I have only just read - really, really sorry.