Tuesday, 9 August 2011

EP Cambridge Lady Gaga and Waradene St Patrick of EPC ...are pleased to announce:

It was obvious by 09.30 hrs this morning that EP Cambridge Lady Gaga had things on her mind. Pregnant to our own Waradene St. Patrick of EPC, and potentially his first cria, this should have been very exciting...and it was. But...and here's the but...she was only 321-days gestation...approximately the same gestation as last year when she had a cria that did not survive (prior to us taking delivery of her).

So the high alert button was pressed:

1. Call Amanda....tick
2. Birthing bag contents all present and correct...tick
4. Colostrum store checked...tick
3. Plasma located...tick
4. Mobile phone with vet on fast dial...tick
5. Hairdrier and heat lamp in situ...tick
6. Kettle...you always need hot water!...tick
7. Towels ready for the microwave...tick

Right Gaga we are ready and waiting...and waiting...and waiting. It was a case of watching you; watching me (ah ah) but she eventually had a text book birth at 12.30 pm. I was so excited by the colour (Gaga is beige and we really wanted to see what colour St Patrick would add) that I nearly forgot to check the sex immediately...but we have a beautiful mid fawn female. Down on her pasterns, and with slightly floppy ears she is obviously somewhat prem (although teeth are erupted) she weighed in at 7.0 kgs. She was slightly slower to stand at 2 hours, but was latched on soon after...Lady Gaga is the most amazing Mum.

We (that is I) have decided to name her Snooty Boots...Gaga always looks down her nose at people's footwear (especially Amanda's) hence the name. She will be known as Boots. To say that I am a little excited is an understatement...watch out Explorer...she might just have one of the brightest fleeces that I have seen...serious competition boy!!

EP Cambridge Lady Gaga with Beck Brow Snooty Boots (sire Waradene St. Patrick of EPC)

A close up at less than 3 hours old...

Finally...a short blog as rather exhausted after all the excitement...a photo of Parisien with Katkin and Katie (in the dust bath)...I am sure that Katkin knows that I have sold her!

Parisien (left) with Katkin and Katie.


  1. Amazing news well done yous especially Gaga, she's tiny, so cute. Tyke and Vel will be happy someone more there size for like a week lol.
    Congrates from Wise-Alpacas

  2. Congratulations...on a beautiful cria..she looks fantastic......great to hear all went well ! I do like her name......Jayne

  3. Fantastic news, what a lovely photo under Lady G's tummy, very cute.

  4. Hi All
    What wonderful news. We are so very happy to hear of the birth of 'boots'. She looks very much like her father when he was born. She even has her grandfathers ears.
    Congrats everyone, a girl first up is wonderful. We always love St P, he has always been a good boy. Hope the baby continues to do well and look forward in seeing more coming from him.
    Best Wishes,
    John and Sharon Warland
    Waradene Alpacas

  5. Boots looks exceptionally lovely with a gorgeous short face. We are even more excited now for our two St P babes - long time to wait though!!

  6. So Happy!! She is just gorgeous and Ga Ga seems more than proud almost as if she is saying see I can do it what is all the fuss about!!!!! Star of the future....

  7. Boots is indeed gorgeous!!

  8. It was like a royal birth, true blue blood. Snooty Boots is stunning and Gaga maintained her usual poise throughout. Will try harder in the footwear department from now on Gaga..

  9. What a wonderful cria! So very, very pleased!

  10. Welcome, Boots, and congratulations Barbara & Paul, lovely picture of the two.

  11. Many congratulations. She looks a delight!

  12. Congratulations to the new parents (and keepers!)

    Barbara, tried to respond to your mail but your inbox is full and e mails are being returned. Will try later!